Call me SL

Hi y'all!

Call me SL. I'm the writer and creative mind behind Grassholes and Gaggy Greetings. There's a handful of contributing factors that led to CandidaLyn Publishing being born. 

Some background for you. I've lived with Endometriosis for over a decade. It's never been manageable, but it's been "manageable," you know? About a year ago, I started having flare ups that left me in the fetal position for hours a day. I've tried everything. The surgeries, medications, acupuncture, massage, homeopathic medicine, diet changes, meditation, other alternative modalities and exercise just. weren't. working. Having had surgery last year, the hope was that this pain would be reduced and ideally dissipate entirely. However, that was not the case. In fact, the pain I experienced post-op was worse than prior to surgery!

Since the beginning of 2021 I have been off and on living in consumption of pain and self-pity with this ongoing chronic flare-up. I have another surgery scheduled in June, and I need all you fellow Grassholes to send healing love, vibes, prayers, wishes, anything my way so that the healing journey can begin. 

The pain laid me out, and the gift which came as a result of being unable to engage in normal daily life was the ability to FINALLY finish a project. As someone who suffers from chronic laziness, I have long lacked the motivation to take the many fertile ideas in my mind and turn them into results. That's where my partner comes in. It's been next level to have the ample support of my wife in this adventure and endeavor to bring these concepts into creation! 

I've started multiple different manuscripts, but one day I made the decision to finish what would come to be named, "Grassholes." 

Grassholes and Gaggy Greetings came to life because of my circumstances. I salute and honor the pain because it gave me a (not so gentle) push to activate my creativity once again. 

Pain isn't always visible from the outside looking in. Perfect example is my wife. She has metal in most of her body from a traumatic fall onto concrete, and most people who meet her are astonished to hear her trials and tribulations! I suffered in silence for the most part for many years. It wasn't until recently that I became more comfortable sharing about the endometriosis and all of the trouble it has caused me. However, I have learned from very wise humans that pain shared is pain lessened. 

I'm grateful to have a small army of family and friends who offer never ending support. I've received encouragement to chase dreams and make them my reality, and that's exactly what I've done. 

It's no secret who I am to some, but to many others, I remain anonymous.

Love, your fellow Grasshole <3