Just Keep Slaying Sticker

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This sticker is for all of us who need to be reminded to just keep slaying, even when life gets tough. This sticker can be used as a congratulations or for many different occasions & reasons!

We only use the best of the best; that includes our stickers!
Die Cut | Highly Durable | Matte White | Waterproof Adhesive | Glossy and Smooth Finish | Scratch or Fade Resistant

Apply sticker to any smooth surface, (examples: laptop, water bottle, etc.)

A couple of helpful tips:
Clean the surface prior to placing the sticker.
Leave the sticker on for 24 hours before getting wet; this will prevent peeling and keep it looking overall amazeballs.

~ 3 Fonts Available
~ Different Sizes Available for Each Font, See Below (W x H)

1. 5" x 0.76"
2. 6" x 0.91"
3. 7" x 1.07"

Next Rust Slab (W x H)
1. 6" x 0.75"
2. 7" x 0.87"

Stencil (W x H)
1. 6" x 0.75"
2. 7" x 0.88"

All stickers are handmade. This means designed, printed, cut, packaged and shipped in house.