~Home of Grassholes and Gaggy Greetings~

Disclaimer: You may have an adverse reaction to Grassholes and Gaggy Greetings if you have a sensitive stomach to profanity. 

CandidaLyn Publishing is a small, woman-owned business with the desire to transform the pain of life into joy and unadulterated laughter. 

Meet SL, aka the writer. She is a self-acclaimed cynic and fluent speaker of sarcasm. She's found it challenging to turn a circumstance full of pain into a masterpiece of joy without a curse word or two. While not believing she was alone in this challenge, Grassholes was born out of a simple gratitude list with a fierce amount of "f-bombs" woven into it.

She expresses herself through writing, and one day, the greeting cards in her collection just. weren't. cutting. it. Gaggy Greetings was born out of an idea to create a unique collection of greeting cards that are riddled with profanity and sassiness. 

Did you know that you can have a zest for life while also being an asshole? SL didn't know that the two could exist together until being encouraged to stop looking through a black or white lens.

CLP strives to normalize and reduce the stigma surrounding addiction, mental health, bullying and abuse, trauma and grief, chronic pain and anyone else who has been treated unjustly ONLY because they experience something different than the societal norms. How do we do this? By saying the word f*ck a lot, along with increasing visibility to the masses as proud examples of ALL of the above. 

Wounds and scars aren't always visible from the surface. We at CLP believe it's imperative to heal them from the inside out, and with a little dash of f*ckery.